Oralix was incorporated in 2nd Dec 2002. The company was formed as a 100% Malay owned company as pharmaceutical product distributor to the government institutions and hospitals and private hospital. Our company comprise of 2 directors, Datuk Dr. Nor Izham Bin Aziz, Medical Consultant, MR. Mahadhir Bin Salleh, Company Director.

Our Target

To be one of the most important supplier by undertaking the distribution of approved pharmaceuticals and medical products to all government hospitals including those managed by the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Education, divisional stores of Sabah and Sarawak and some private institutions including dental and veterinary departments. These products range from pharmaceuticals (tablets, galenicals, injectibles, etc), narcotics and psychotropic drugs (Pethidine, Morphine, etc), vaccines, insulins, parental infusions (IV drips, etc), and other medical disposables (surgical gloves, syringes, etc) and medical equipment.

Our Business

Our company has 2 divisions namely pharmacy division and medical equipment and disposables division. The Pharmacy Division supplies all type of MOH (Ministry of Health) registered drug to both government and private hospitals within Malaysia. The Medical Equipment and Disposable division involve in supplying medical disposable, medical equipment and medical implantable to all major and minor hospitals in the region. Medical Education division supply medical teaching equipment and instrument, medical reference books from local to international publishers, to universities, national library and hospital libraries. The Custom made apparel division cater to the various needs of government organizations. We tailor our services in accordion to our customer requirements.

Our Belief

We belief that we must fulfill our social responsibility as a corporate citizen and give back to the industries and communities in which we serve. Our socially responsible organization will continue sponsor community-based programs throughout the region, and believe that we can do well by doing good.

Our Commitment

The mission of Oralix is to assist in narrowing the disparity in the delivery of healthcare services in the underserved communities within Malaysia and in the future in Asian region by providing resources to support health professionals and their organization. To serve the community through delivery of information, CME, and sponsorship programs and work with others in partnership to achieve a common goal of enhancing the quality of life in our communities.